The Contemplative Executive

Peter Ng
2008 Series D

Peter Ng is Chief Investment Officer at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. He is the WCCM National Coordinator for Singapore, and also a Trustee a Guiding Board Member. Speaking from the experience of his own quest for “meaning, depth, significance, and purpose” in life, he says: “The first challenge... is to take a step away from the busyness of the business world.” This step he found in the simple practicality of John Main’s teaching on meditation. In this practice, the executive attends to the “business of businesses”, which is to the work of God to be done in us. Talks 1 to 5 are extracts from Peter’s presentation at the 2007 John Main Seminar. Talks 6 and 7 were given to student meditators of Georgetown University, USA, in March 2006.

It is because of the tyranny of the ego that we see a business world today where the standards of ethics and integrity have been severely undermined. There is a renewed quest in the business world for the ethical mind, for a moral compass. We need leaders who by their own example can create an ethical environment, where people aspire to do good work, work of high quality that matters to society, which enhances the lives of others, and is conducted in an ethical manner. How can the ethical mind be cultivated?

1.    Wisdom and Transformation    10:11    min


2.    The Road Less Travelled    6:53


3.    Contemplative Consciousness    9:29

4.    Meditation and Leadership    20:29

5.    The Ethical Mind    12:31

6.    Happiness and Success    12:22

7.    Abandonment of Desire     4:44



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