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Meditators in Singapore have written articles on their experiences on the journey of meditation.  Fr Laurence also has a regular column in The Tablet a leading Catholic weekly newspaper. Here is a selection of their articles.

Price of Making Money

Peter Ng

Published in the The Tablet (UK) - 11 Oct 2008

In the face of the current global economic crisis, many people are questioning the way business is conducted and its pressures. A leading global financier has found meditative prayer offers a practical way through the stresses and strains of modern corporate capitalism

Today we face more obstacles than ever before in our quest to live our lives with meaning, depth, significance and purpose. The distractions and demands that characterise much of modern living are particularly evident in the life of the business executive.

The unrelenting globalisation of business requires more business travel, which strains family life. Managing an international business across multiple time zones is taxing on both the physical and mental capacities of more and more executives. And of course, the advances of telecommunication and technology, which have produced electronic mail over the internet, keep many constantly on their toes.

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