Welcome Messages

Fr Laurence Freeman OSB
The World Community for Christian Meditation

Welcome to the web-home of the Singapore Christian Meditation Community.

I hope your visit will be an enrichment to your spiritual journey through this connection with meditation and the community it creates. When I first came to Singapore to give a talk on Christian Meditation in 1988, I little realised what a strong and vibrant community would come into being over time. It has been a delight and inspiration to me ever since. Thank you Singapore!

The local Singaporean meditators make a powerful contribution to the global life of The World Community for Christian Meditation sharing this gift in so many ways: a sign that the main fruit of meditation is love and generosity of spirit. Our fears are burned away by the love we uncover in our own hearts and we are set free from the prison of self-centredeness.

If you live here or are visiting Singapore you will find a warm welcome from the community - whether as first step on your path introducing you to the practice or as a strengthening of your daily practice.




Fr Frans De Ridder cicm
A brother on the Pilgrimage

He who dwells in me, as I dwell in him,
bears much fruit; for apart from me
you can do nothing.  (John 15:5)


These words of John are beautifully manifested in the transformation I notice in the life of the Christian Meditation community in Singapore. In the time that I have been here since the early 1980s I have got to know many lay people practising meditation. Meditation changed their lives. Your life as a community is a sign of the fruit that grows out of fidelity to the discipline of daily meditation resulting in the experience of dwelling in God’s love. This web site is a wonderful expression of your love and your generosity in wanting to share the gift of meditation with those who may be seeking and also to support fellow meditators on the journey. Meditation is for everyone. I wish you the joy of dwelling in God. Just start doing it. And remain faithful. God is faithful. As humans we do our best. God does the rest.