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Meditators in Singapore have written articles on their experiences on the journey of meditation.  Fr Laurence also has a regular column in The Tablet a leading Catholic weekly newspaper. Here is a selection of their articles.

The Silent Answer

Published in the The Good Life - Sep 1989

This article describes how Peter and Patricia Ng discovered the practice of meditation through the book The Light Within, and started the first groups of meditation in Singapore. 


PETER and Patricia Ng do not believe that things happen by chance. Looking back, they certainly do not think it was by chance alone that Patricia one day stumbled on "Light Within".

This is a book about meditation. Well, scores of books have been written on the subject, but this was one of the few to discuss it in Christian terms. It suited Peter and Patricia, who are Catholics. The book transformed their lives. As a result, it changed the lives of more than a hundred other people in Singapore.

Patricia found the book in late 1986, at a time when she and her husband were quite dissatisfied with their religion. Like Catholics should, they attend mass every Sunday. But they found it rather meaningless.

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