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Process of Forgiveness

FEATURE: Lord Teach Us To Pray

Introduction to Christian Meditation with LAURENCE FREEMAN OSB, Medio Media, (Audio CD x 1)

Father Laurence invites us to go deeper in prayer. To pray deeply, he says, we need to discover what prayer really is. For prayer to be Christian it has, obviously, to correspond to the teaching of Jesus on prayer. With his insight and clarity, Fr Laurence draws on the Sermon on the Mount to identify seven essential elements of Jesus’ teaching on prayer: silence, interiority, humility, simplicity, trust, attention, transcendence. He then shows how meditation responds to these teachings. In saying the mantra we go beyond the ego to a place of deep trust; we pray with the mind in the heart, in the silence of God’s presence.

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The Hunger for Depth and Meaning

Learning to meditate with JOHN MAIN, ed Peter Ng, Medio Media, (Book and CDs)

The essential task for the Christian is to understand poverty as the condition of spiritual development, to see prayer as the deepening of our conversion, of our turning from self to God in faith.

The monastic tradition has always emphasized, since Cassian and St Benedict, that poverty is the condition for prayer.
Meditation will certainly give you new insights into poverty. As you persevere with the mantra, you will begin to understand more and more deeply, out of your own experience, what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” (Matt 5:3). You will also learn in a very concrete way the meaning of faithfulness as you persevere in fidelity to the repetition of the mantra… .

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Light Within

Meditation as pure prayer


“One of the great causes of sadness and suffering is the inability to communicate. So often, what we try to express, or the medium of expression, distorts what we feel or mean. The repeated failure to communicate can accumulate a terrible sense that we can never communicate what we feel or mean. If we feel that our real self is permanently isolated from others and our deepest feelings are prevented from communication beyond ourselves then we are in the isolation that underlies all loneliness and fear. One of the most powerful effects of meditation is that it confronts this bitter sense of isolation directly…. If we feel isolated from others it is because we are isolated from ourselves. Only when we know who we are, can we communicate ourselves to others. As you meditate you come into contact with your real communicable self….” (pg 85-86)
Door to Silence

An anthology for Christian meditation


"Do not give your heart to what does not satisfy your heart," said one of the Desert Fathers. And though that might sound obvious, it speaks soothingly to the complex and unhappy desire-driven state of a culture of consumers who are pursuing things they really don’t want very much. "To pass beyond all desire is not to pass beyond hope," John Main says, encouraging us to brave the process of the purification and let compulsive or unconscious desires gradually slip away from our ways of thinking and feeling. His sense of wonder at the power of the simplicity of meditation to bring about such deep transformation and liberation shines through every page of this book. When one sees this light of wisdom the simple words of his vocabulary – ‘re-finding the heart’, ‘experience’, ‘harmony’, ‘stillness’ – are charged with meaning…." (pg ix)
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