The World Community

Photograph courtesy of: Andrea Kang
The World Community for Christian Meditation was formed in 1991. It continues the work begun in 1975 by Dom John Main OSB when he founded the first Christian Meditation Centre at his monastery of Ealing Abbey in London.

When John Main died in 1982 he was succeeded by Dom Laurence Freeman OSB who is now a monk of the Benedictine Congregation of Monte Oliveto. He is also Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation, and from his base in his Benedictine community, he travels extensively writes, and gives retreats and talks.
The World Community is an ecumenical contemplative community now present in more than a hundred countries. Its mission is to communicate the tradition of contemplative prayer in the church as an essential and central dimension of all Christian spirituality. It also nurtures the gradual development of the community through the growth of small meditation groups that meet in parishes, homes, hospitals, prisons, places of learning, and places of work.

The World Community organizes talks, retreats, and seminars worldwide, and a “School” programme for training teachers of meditation. The Community is also involved in inter-faith dialogue.  A quarterly spiritual letter, books, cds and films, and a web site help to nurture the Community and its work.

The World Community also has a publishing arm, Medio Media, that offers a wide range of books and audio and video resources on meditation to the worldwide community.

A selection of links related to the World Community is provided below:
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1   Link   The World Community for Christian Meditation
A global spiritual community that teaches and supports meditation in the tradition taught by John Main OSB
2   Link   The international Centre in London
The International Centre in London serves as a support and information hub for The World Community, providing a wide range of services including organising international retreats, seminars, and publishing newsletters.
3   Link   Christian Meditation Retreat Centre London
A place of silence and spiritual support rooted in the Benedictine monastic context.
4   Link   Medio Media
The publishing arm of the World Community for Christian Meditation. It publishes books and audios and videos on the tradition and the practice of Christian Meditation.
5   Link   Meditation with Children
Resources on how we can teach children to meditate and start them on a path to deep spirituality.
6   Link   Friends in Meditation
Site of WCCM Friends Programme that brings together all contributors of WCCM and showcases how meditation has changed lives